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Waylon And Candles | (Oh No, Old Crap Again) by Spinnenpfote6
Waylon And Candles | (Oh No, Old Crap Again)

Just look this abomination I just found.

Again one of my first drawings of Waylon Sr. in "The Blunder Years" (approximately drawn when I was eight years old) and GOSH

That´s so ugly.

It was also my first shading practice and I remember being proud as hell when I finished this... THING
And jumpscared my mother with it XD

Yep, you got it right, I abused WayWay for shading practice.

I know first drawings are actually cute, but... just look at this arm and body and face... and... and everything!


But I hope it made you laugh XD
Family Selfie for Anonymous by Spinnenpfote6
Family Selfie for Anonymous
Mother takes a selfie with her daughters!

Requested by a person who wished to stay anonymous.

I drew them this way ´cause it was a bit hard figure out their heights since we have different measurements in Germany.

Hope you like it! :3

NOTE: Although this piece was kinda fun, I won´t do requests featuring Anime characters since I´m pretty bad at drawing them and I also don´t like Animes tbh lmao
Leonie Lionheart | FNAF - OC by Spinnenpfote6
Leonie Lionheart | FNAF - OC
Hey there, guys!

Let me introduce my new FNAF-OC : Leonie Lionheart!

As you may know, I picked this name ´cause Leonie is my forename and there is a Muppet-like show called "Leonie Lionheart" about a little lioness which was aired in the 90s.

Well, I think I´m going to tell her story:

Leonie Lionheart was designed and invented in 1999 and finally built in 2000, but she´s supposed to be a middle-old animatronic. She´s also not possessed by a dead child. However, she turns evil like all animatronics at night and attacks the nightguard, amongst other things because she´s influenced by all the other animatronics.

Leonie was used as an animatronic for birthday parties of little kids, a "job" that she loved.
She enjoyed it to entertain the little children with her special features like the heart made of glass on her chest that can either glow pink or red ( I chose pink for the refrence sheet because her red neckcloth) and the little speaker that can record your voice and make her say your sentence, but she´s also able to play any other audio like music and special installed sentences.

 But one day two nasty children damaged her on purpose - they broke her left foot´s joint (a reference to the fact that I once sprained my foot XD) and as the result she wasn´t able to stand properly anymore. That didn´t keep her from doing her job every day, but the owners of the restaurant were afraid that she might fall over and hurt (or even kill) a child because of that. So Leonie Lionheart got locked away and the animatronic´s engineers thought about scrapping her and replacing her with a newer model. Along with the other animatronic´s ghostly bloodlust she became vicious and angry.

She was disappointed because she thought that the children love her and couldn´t believe that they now wanted to "kill" her because she allegedly threatens to hurt the brats who damaged her. They also damaged her speaker/voice box, causing it to malfunction so that a few children became scared of her.
So, Leonie Lionheart´s love towards children was destroyed and she wanted revenge. (As an animatronic she´s not able to distinguish the children and because of that she thought that all of them were suddenly evil.) One day, one of the other animatronics murdered the night guard and freed her from the backroom. Because of the mess that the murder of the night guard caused, she was able to creep back to her working place where she planned to kill the children the next day, but when she saw the happy little children surrounding her, she couldn´t kill them anymore. But her anger was still there which made her attack the night guard´s office every night, just like her fellow animatronics.

Leonie Lionheart later got fixed, but she kept attacking the night guard. She also got her old job back and still likes to entertain the children, although her experiences in the past made her a bit suspicious of them.

The lionesse´s
distinctive mark is that she´s able to control her speaker and circuit herself when she´s in attack mode which makes her record the screams of the dying night guard which can then be heard the next day ´cause Leonie isn´t able delete the audio herself. So when the enineers make a sound test in the morning, they can hear the death sounds of the last night guard.

Sometimes Leonie plays this death-audio and some strange, not installed sentences in front of the children, which can be pretty creepy too.
Oh, and she does the same when she gets to attack the night guard in the night.

Sooo... that was her story. I´m not satisfied with her design to be honest, although this is the second one ´cause the original really looked like shit XD

But I hope you like her and tell me what you think of her habit to record the dying night guard´s voice and stuff!



Spinnenpfote6's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi! Ich bin Shinuki und ich interessiere mich sehr für Malen und Schreiben. Ich liebe es, zu reden und ihr könnt mich immer etwas fragen. Ich liebe auch "Warrior Cats", mein OC heißt Zimtschnee. Bin neu hier und ich würde es lieben wenn ihr kommentiert, ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen :3
(Ich bin aus Deutschland, leider Schüler :P)

I love RPing Warriors by the way :3
Mein Lieblingsfilm ist "Das Schlafzimmerfenster", 1987

Hi! I´m Shinuki and I´m really interested in drawing and writing. I love chatting and you can always ask me things. I also love "Warriors" or "Warrior Cats", my OC is called Cinnamonsnow by the way ;) I`m new and I would love if you comment, I really appreciate that :3
(I´m from Germany, a student sadly :P)
My favorite movie is "The Bedroom Window", 1987

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