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Got tagged by


1. Choose one of you'r Oc's

2. You'r Oc CAN NOT LIE.

3. Journal title should be "OC INTERVIEW".

4. Tag as many people as you wish

5. Have fun!

Since there is nothing more, I´m going to take the same questions like my tagger :>

I´m going to pick my OC/Fursona Shiny -> My Favo by Spinnenpfote6 and act as the interviewer

What's your full name/nicknames?

Shiny: I´m actually called Shinuki, but since YOU suddenly thought that manga-names suck bigtime, my former nickname, Shiny, is now my official name. I´m also called Kitten by my mother, Hearty-Paws by Waylon Sr. and Cinnamon Kitty by Brad. And by the way, I´m disappointed that you never gave me a surname.

Me: What's your current age?

Shiny: Varies between 15 and 24 years actually. Depends on the pic I´m in. Usually I´m a teenager, but you needed to get me older so that the dirty stuff I do with Bradley isn´t illegal. Also, we don´t want any stories about teenage pregnancy, right?

Me: What's your favorite food?

Shiny: Anything that contains milk. I also like ham, eggs, rolls, chocolates, tomatoes and strawberries. And woodruff-flavoured gelatine dessert, mmmmmh <3 In short, I like everything you like. AND LET´S MAKE IT CLEAR, I HATE APPLES AND SALAMI, M´KAY?

Me: What's your favorite drink?

Shiny: That cold milk-coffee-thing called frappuccino, but also cherry or apple juice and drinking parcel multivitamin juice and Coca Cola, no product placement intended.

Me: Who is your lover?

Shiny: An adorable blonde furball called Bradley.

Me: Have you kissed anyone?

Shiny: Heck, I´ve kissed plenty of guys. Starting with one or two toddler-Romeos my mum told of, then I´ve kissed WayWay over 4 times (eww), my sons of course, an accidental kiss with Freddy and finally my tons of kisses I get from Bradley every day, not to forget the French ones.

Me: Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

Shiny: Heck, no, do I look like that?

He: Who's your favorite author?

Shiny: Stephen King, Erin Hunter and you of course because you FRIKKIN´ WROTE DOWN MY ENTIRE LIFE SOMEWHERE!

Me: What's your biggest fear?

Shiny: Being completely alone in a place I don´t know. Originally, it was loosing one of my loved ones, but thanks for making this come true you *censored* !!!

Me: Got any siblings?

Shiny: Nope, but friends I´d love to be my sisters.

Me: Who's your worst enemy?

Shiny: I don´t have any enemies, but I´m an enemy to every maths teacher :>

Me: Who's your best friend?

Shiny: Here we go again, I´ve got plenty of best friends. I have to start with Brad because he´s my lover and best friend, two in one, pretty much like my 2-in-1-shampoo and showergel, but Waylon Sr. is also a loyal and understanding friend of mine, just like Freddy, Yuki, Homer, Tony, Mizuki and Kazumi. My parents and kids are my friends too by the way.

Me: What would you do if you met your creator?

Shiny: I always meet you, but I want to ask you why you´re f***ing up my life so much and how the heck I get my fluffy tail through my pants every day.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Shiny: A criminal psychologist, just like you, but I became a mixture of Indiana Jones, Kim Possible and Marge and Lisa Simpson instead.

Me: What's your worst nightmare?

Shiny: Pretty much the same like my biggest fear, so I´d say loosing my kids this time.

Me: What is your lifelong dream?

Shiny: Dunno, I don´t have any specific ones to be honest.

Me: What would you do if that wish came true?

Shiny: Heck, I told you about it, but I´d make a party about the great things and celebrate with my friends and family!

Me: Where is your favorite place to relax?

Shiny: On Bradley´s fluffy chest fur <3 And when we argue, on the couch, right next to his cold body.

Me: What do you do most of the time?

Shiny: Praying that my kids or Boyfriend/husband or WayWay haven´t done anything bad again. As a cat, I also clean myself a lot. Oh, and I like to listen to music and hang around with my derpy friends <3

Me: Who are you going to tag?

Shiny: That´s up to you, human. Time to say goodbye to all you non-cat-creatures! See you! <3


I tag:


Quickly stumbled upon this while looking through the fridge :>

Lassis are Indian drink yogurts and this one is my favorite - the one with rose extract.
It does contain real rose blossoms and you can only find it at health food stores (at least in Germany, I've got a supermarket/health food store - mix near my home), it's rare and it's expensive and they were marked down on Wednesday :3

The taste is rly hard to describe, it does taste a bit like roses smell. I just recommend to try it yourself, it's incredibly delicious.

(By the way, there are multiple receipts on the Internet to make it yourself )

embedded_item1497635626110 by Spinnenpfote6
It looks like Scar was confirmed as the new villain in The Lion Guard.

I don´t get it, will he be a controlling ghost or what?



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi! Ich bin Shinuki und ich interessiere mich sehr für Malen und Schreiben. Ich liebe es, zu reden und ihr könnt mich immer etwas fragen. Ich liebe auch "Warrior Cats", mein OC heißt Zimtschnee. Bin neu hier und ich würde es lieben wenn ihr kommentiert, ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen :3
(Ich bin aus Deutschland, leider Schüler :P)

I love RPing Warriors by the way :3
Mein Lieblingsfilm ist "Das Schlafzimmerfenster", 1987

Hi! I´m Shinuki and I´m really interested in drawing and writing. I love chatting and you can always ask me things. I also love "Warriors" or "Warrior Cats", my OC is called Cinnamonsnow by the way ;) I`m new and I would love if you comment, I really appreciate that :3
(I´m from Germany, a student sadly :P)
My favorite movie is "The Bedroom Window", 1987



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